I came upon this recipe a long time ago and it’s been my go to special occasion dessert ever since. I think what makes it even more special for me was being told by a true Italian that it was the best tiramisu he’d ever tasted. There seem to be many ways a tiramisu can be created but I think the more authentic versions have to be made with a zabaione. This is where the eggs and sugar are beaten over simmering water until 140 degrees are reached thus pasteurizing the eggs and killing any potentially harmful bacteria.



The reason for making today’s tray of Mediterranean temptation was for our weekly concert in the park pot luck. Long Beach has been hosting their municipal bands for free during the summer months and it’s a great opportunity to head to the park with the kids and meet up with some other great families for some fine food and music. We always try to have a theme for the pot luck and tonight’s happened to be Italian, bellessimo!!



Here’s the recipe courtesy of Pastry Chef Central:

6 Yolks
6 oz Sugar
3 oz Grand Marnier
8 oz Mascarpone, softened
8 oz Cream cheese, softened
16 oz Heavy cream, whipped
1/2 Tbsp vanilla

METHOD:1) Combine yolks, sugar & liqueur over a simmering water bath. Whip till thick and light, and 140F is reached.
2) Remove and whip till cool over an ice water bath.
3) Fold-in mascarpone cheese. Then cream cheese. Electric mixer or handheld will help here.
4) Whip the heavy cream to soft peaks, and add vanilla extract. Fold-into above.

5) Place a layer of ladyfingers at the bottom of a hotel pan.
6) Brush the ladyfingers with a strong coffee dessert syrup. Top with the above tiramisu filling, spreading 1/2″ thick.
7) Top again with lady fingers, brush again with coffee dessert syrup. Spread with a layer of tiramisu filling on top.
8) Refrigerate till set. Top with cocoa powder.

Tip, I always make this dessert a day ahead and just sprinkle the cocoa powder on about an hour before serving.