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The Best Dutch Ovens: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best Dutch ovens? Check out our comprehensive buyer's guide, featuring Dutch oven reviews to help you find the best option.

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The kitchen can sometimes feel like a battleground for busy individuals - a juggling act of deadlines, grocery lists, and the ever-present question, “What’s for dinner?” But what if there was a way to simplify meals while infusing them with flavor and expanding your cooking arsenal? With thick walls and tight-fitting lids, dutch ovens have been around for centuries, making them a staple in both traditional and contemporary cooking. You can use them for a variety of cooking methods, including braising, stewing, frying, and baking, and they are known for their ability to evenly distribute and retain heat. In this article, we look at three different Dutch oven options, each suited to specific needs and budgets.

budget dutch oven review
Budget Choice

Best Choice Products 6 Quart Round Dutch Oven

Best Choice Products’ family-sized Dutch oven has a heavy-duty design, high heat retention, and is compatible with various cooking systems.

Material: Cast Iron

Capacity: 6 Quart

This family-style round Dutch oven from Best Choice Products has a heavy-duty design with high heat retention thanks to thick cast-iron walls, a tight-fitting lid, and condensation bumps to lock in moisture. The inside is coated with enamel to make it easier to clean and help it last longer. It’s a great bang for your buck and big enough to hold enough stew, soup, or casserole to feed the whole family. This Dutch oven is compatible with both gas and electric ranges and can be used in the oven and on the grill. Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun colors, so you can choose the option that best suits your personality!  


  • Family size at 6 quarts capacity
  • Heat retention up to 480°F
  • Thick cast iron with enamel interior 


  • Suited to any cooking system (gas/electric cooktop, oven, grill)
  • Lots of fun color options
  • Easy to clean


  • As it does have a ceramic coating, you may experience chipping over time. 
  • Only has a 60 day warranty 

premium dutch oven review
Premium Choice

Lodge 7.5 Quart Dutch Oven with Lid

The Lodge 7.5 Quart Dutch Oven with Lid is a top-quality product from the well-established brand Lodge, featuring a versatile and spacious capacity and oven-safe porcelain-enameled cast iron construction.

Material: Cast Iron 

Capacity: 7.5 Quarts 

Lodge is a well-known brand that has been around for over a century making premium cookware, so you can trust that this Dutch oven is of top quality. The enameled cast iron construction means that you get the benefits of cast iron with the extended functional abilities of porcelain enamel. As a result, you can do just about everything with this Dutch oven, from marinating and refrigerating to cooking and serving, which means way fewer dishes for you. It’s Additionally, the enameled interior helps to resist staining and promote caramelization, while also still providing the even heat distribution of cast iron, reducing cooking time to help you cook more responsibly


  • Extra large 7.5 quart capacity
  • Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • Made from porcelain-enameled cast iron
  • Comes in a range of colors


  • Highly versatile, from fridge to oven
  • Non-toxic PFOA and PTFE free
  • Reputable, family-owned business


  • Exterior glass can be dulled with the use of a dishwasher or citrus-based cleaners

best dutch ovens
Responsible Choice

Greater Goods Cast Iron, 10-Inch Dutch Oven

The Greater Goods cast iron Dutch oven is a sustainable choice, crafted with g6 cast iron, seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, and free from lead, aluminum, or fillers.

Material: Cast Iron

Capacity: 5 Quart 

This beautiful and well-crafted Dutch oven from Greater Goods looks just like the one my grandma used to bake bread. Its classic design, combined with g6 cast iron construction, is crafted to last a lifetime. It comes pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil from Canada, and the cast iron is sand cast with no added lead, aluminum, or fillers for a food-safe and planet-safe cooking experience. The coating has been milled smooth, so it will be non-stick for life, contrary to enamel coatings, where things can stick over time. The lid has even been designed to be self-basting, supporting even cooking whether on the stove, grill, campfire, or in the oven. 


  • Sand cast and organically seasoned 
  • Self-basting lid 
  • Made from durable and long-lasting g6 cast iron


  • No added lead, aluminum, or fillers
  • Classic design 
  • Naturally non-stick forever


  • Not dishwasher safe

Best Recipes Using Dutch Ovens

Best Dutch Ovens

From simmered stews to slow-baked short ribs, the Dutch oven invites you to embrace slow cooking. With the right Dutch oven in your kitchen arsenal, you can spend more time away from the kitchen while the magic takes place within your oven or on your stovetop. A Dutch oven is a great investment piece, and a high-quality model will last you for many years as long as it’s properly cared for. These three Dutch oven options are a perfect starting point to help you create delicious meals with ease.