Strawberry Shortcake and Buttery Toasted Pound Cake

A perfect dessert to serve up on a warm summers day! Everyone's favorite strawberry shortcake with toasted buttery pound cake, fresh strawberries and dollops of vanilla whipped cream. Best served family style!

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strawberry shortcake
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Strawberry Shortcake flavors for the summer and served family style! Chunks of buttery pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake. I mean what can be better for a summer dessert than dollops of whipped cream, fresh sweet strawberries, and pound cake? It must be one of the simplest desserts out there, but I'm throwing a strawberry shortcake curveball at ya'll. These squares of pound cake are first lightly sauteed in melted butter, a lot of melted butter because pound cake never has enough butter (said no one ever).And that's really all there is to this famous dessert, I wish I could give you guys more but this is designed to be made in less than 10 minutes and served at the table family style, preferably outside on a gorgeous summer's day with a few strawberry basil cocktails on the side!

Strawberry shortcake with pound cake

I also tossed the strawberries in some melted strawberry jam, just to increase that sweet flavor. The secret to this awesome shortcake is tossing the pound cake squares in the butter bath. You'll be amazed how quickly the cake absorbs the melted butter, but wow that flavor along with the crunchy toasted sides of the pound cake!

Tips for making my strawberry shortcake with buttery pound cake

Save yourself a lot of time by picking up a store-bought pound cake. This dessert is meant to be easy so let's keep it that way! Melt the butter on low or it'll turn brown and for this dessert, we don't want brown butter. Gently toss the cake squares in the butter, we want to keep them as squares and not a bunch of mushy crumbs in a pan. Keep a close eye on them as they soak up all that butter. It'll happen pretty quickly and once you see the butter has been absorbed, then it's time for the cake squares to come off the heat or they'll burn too. I used strawberry jam but any decent berry jam will work too.

Chunks of pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream
Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream

Let me know if you make this awesome dessert or any of my other recipes! Tag me @foodnessgracious on Instagram because I love to see what you guys make! Also, remember to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook for all things tasty!

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Delicious buttery pound cake topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

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Total TIME:
10 minutes
10 minutes


  • 1 plain pound cake
  • 6 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup strawberry jam
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 16 ounces pack fresh strawberries
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

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  1. Slice the pound cake into small squares about 1/2 inch in size.
  2. In a large enough pan melt the butter over a low heat.
  3. Once the butter has melted add the pound cake squares and gently toss them around in the butter until the butter has been soaked up by the cake.
  4. Remove the pound cake from the pan and transfer to a bowl.
  5. Using the same pan, wipe clean with paper towel and add the strawberry jam and water.
  6. Mix together over a medium heat until the jam has become runny and like a sauce. Turn off the heat.
  7. Slice the green stems from the strawberries and cut into quarters or more if the strawberries are very large.
  8. Add the sliced strawberries to the sauce and toss to coat.
  9. In a separate bowl whisk together the cream, sugar, and vanilla until soft peaks.
  10. Place the pound cake squares onto a large platter, saving a few for garnishing.
  11. Add the strawberries over the pound cake.
  12. Place a few big spoonful of cream on top of the strawberries and serve any remaining cream on the side.
  13. Garnish with some pound cake crumbs over the top of the dessert. Serve at once.
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