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Spicy Lobster Mac and Cheese

Insanely rich and creamy lobster mac and cheese made with a habanero spiced cheese sauce, chunks of fresh lobster and buttery panko crumbs!

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lobster Mac and cheese with fresh parsley in a casserole dish
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This delicious lobster Macaroni and cheese is loaded with big chunks of fresh lobster and cooked in a habanero cheese sauce for a spicy kick!

lobster Mac and cheese with fresh parsley in a casserole dish

Why do I need lobster Macaroni and cheese?

Mac and cheese must be one of the best comfort dish recipes you can make, and it makes a great side dish especially if you ever have dinner at a good steakhouse. The super-cheesy and delicious dish wouldn't be out of place at all on your Thanksgiving table either! But did you know that this regular dish can be elevated so easily? This recipe is proof of that.

Elbow macaroni is cooked in a rich, creamy habanero cheese sauce loaded with chunks of fresh lobster and buttery panko breadcrumbs on top. It sounds amazing, and it is, With just a few easy components to the recipe the cheese sauce is probably the most important. Using habanero cheese might make you second guess things if you don't like food with a kick but the heat is not that intense. I used Cabot Creamery Wickedly Habanero along with a smaller amount of extra sharp cheddar just to cut the heat off the habanero a tiny bit. The habanero cheese adds a flavorful punch, making it an ideal choice for lobster pasta. This is a recipe I could see on any restaurant menu, it's that good, and because Cabot Creamery is a co-operative, you can trust each farm family to put everything into the quality taste of the whole Cabot line of award winning cheeses including these new deli bars.

a scoop of lobster Mac and cheese on a spoon

Making Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

As indulgent and luxurious as this recipe sounds and looks, it's actually really easy to put together. Getting the cheese sauce is key and if you follow these easy steps, you should be making this dish pretty soon.  The sauce begins with the béchamel sauce method which is also called a roux. This is mixing equal parts of butter and flour together, adding milk  and then adding the cheese. You can see how to make this classic sauce here!

FAQ's about making this recipe

Can I use any other variety of pasta? Yes, although I'd keep the spaghetti style for my pasta and meatballs. You could use rigatoni, penne, farfalle or ziti.

Can I make it ahead of time? Yes, you can make it up until everything is mixed and in the baking dish. Just cover with foil and all that's needed to be done is to place it in the oven. This is great for busy weeknights!

Does it matter what kind of milk is used? Always use whole milk for its full fat and to make it creamy as possible.

What is the best cheese for Mac and cheese? Sharp cheddar is the most popular cheese to use.

What if I can't find lobster? You can use large size shrimp, scallops or even chunks of any from white fish such as halibut or cod to add.

lobster Mac and cheese in a casserole dish

Tips on making the best Mac and cheese

  • Grate your own cheese instead of using pre-grated cheese.
  • Bake in a hot oven, 400 degrees works best for me. Everything is already cooked in, so all you need to do is make the cheese sauce become bubbly and gooey with a slight crust around the edges.
  • If your cheese sauce seems too thick after adding the cheese, just add some more milk to get it to the consistency you need. It should be thick but still pour from a spoon when scooped.
  • The sauce will thicken as it cools, set the pan over low heat and stir to bring it back to the sauce consistency.
  • Mac and cheese is only as good as the cheese you make it with, Cabot has many great flavors to choose from and each one will make a fantastic dish.
lobster Mac and cheese on a plate
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This delicious lobster macaroni and cheese is loaded with big chunks of fresh lobster and cooked in a habanero cheese sauce for a spicy kick!

Main dish
35 minutes
Total TIME:
55 minutes
20 minutes


  • 2 cups dried elbow pasta
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 12 oz fresh lobster
  • 5 tbsp butter, divided
  • 2 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 ½ cups whole milk plus extra if needed
  • 6 oz Cabot Wickedly Habanero Cheddar
  • 4 oz. Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • ½ cup panko breadcrumbs

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  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Have a 3-4 quart oven safe baking dish on hand or a 9×13 baking dish.
  2. Bring a small pot of water to the boil and cook the elbow pasta as per the directions on the box, drain and mix the olive oil through until well coated. Set aside.
  3. In a pan melt 2 tbsp off the butter and slice the lobster into chunks.
  4. Add the lobster to the pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 3 minutes and then transfer to a large bowl.
  5. Using the same pan melt another two tbsp off the butter and add the flour.
  6. Whisk well over a medium-low heat until the flour has been absorbed by the melted butter.
  7. Begin to add the milk gradually whisking well after each addition.
  8. Add all of the milk and whisk until smooth and simmering.
  9. Grate both cheeses and add to the hot milk mixture.
  10. Whisk until smooth and season with salt and pepper.
  11. Add the cooked pasta and sauce to the lobster and fold everything together with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  12. Transfer it to your oven safe dish and spread out evenly
  13. Melt the remaining 1 tbsp of butter and add to the breadcrumbs.
  14. Mix well and sprinkle over the mac and cheese.
  15. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes and the cheese is bubbling around the edges.
  16. Serve at once with crusty garlic bread on the side.
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