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Grilled Cheese Ham Sandwich with Pineapple Jelly

Melted sharp cheddar with smoked ham and sandwiched between two slices of buttery sourdough! This is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich!

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Gooey melted cheddar, smoked ham and pineapple jelly
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Am I the only person who can't wait to start choking back piles of smoked ham this Sunday! Geez...why does holiday food always have to be so awesome? I know for sure that leftovers will be happening, and that means sandwiches!

Gooey melted cheddar, smoked ham and pineapple jelly

It's National Grilled Cheese month guys. I know...grilled cheese is so big-league that it gets a whole month dedicated to it. Turn your Easter ham leftovers into one of the best cheesy sandwiches ever. If it looks like you might be running low on ham halfway through dinner, you have my authority to stash some away. Fill your pockets, hide it behind a plant pot but I'd hate for you to miss out on this grilled cheese.

The pineapple jelly adds a great sweet flavor, you could use apricot or marmalade if it's easier to find and I always like to use sourdough for a grilled cheese. Usually it has big slices and sucks up the butter to make that golden toasty color. Let's chit chat about the cheese, It has to melt like a lava flow and it must have top-notch flavor. Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar got the job done like a boss. This recipe makes 1 sandwich just for it should be.

Easy grilled cheese with cheddar and smoked Easter ham

The perfect way to use up any leftover Easter ham. Sandwiched between two slices of crispy sourdough and covered in melted gooey sharp cheddar.

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Gooey melted cheddar, smoked ham and pineapple jell

Main dish
10 minutes
Total TIME:
15 minutes
5 minutes


  • 2 slices sourdough bread.
  • 2 tablespoons pineapple jelly
  • 4-5 slices of smoked Easter ham.
  • 4 ounces . about 6 slices Cabot Sharp Cheddar.
  • 1 teaspoon fresh chopped rosemary.
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter.

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  1. Spread the pineapple jelly on one of the bread slices.
  2. Lay the ham on top of the jelly and sprinkle with the rosemary.
  3. Place the sharp cheddar on top of the ham and finish by laying the other slice of sourdough on top of everything.
  4. Melt the butter over a medium heat in a non-stick pan.
  5. Place the sandwich into the melted butter.
  6. Cook for about 5 minutes and then flip the sandwich over and toast for another 5 minutes or until the cheese starts to melt and ooze out the side of the bread.
  7. Cut the sandwich in half and serve at once.
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