Guinness Beer Battered Onion Rings

Giant onion rings dipped in a Guinness beer batter and fried until crispy

If I was told I could take three things to a desert island, my list would probably be an onion, flour and some oil. I have a serious veggie crush on beer battered onion rings and I'll regularly ask for them in place of french fries if the chance comes up when I'm eating out. ...

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The best drink for St Patrick's Day, Irish Coffee with true Irish Whiskey

Irish Coffee

I know St Patrick's Day isn't an official holiday but with the attention and love it gets, you'd think it was. The middle of March is a special time for me, with my birthday falling the day before St Patrick's Day and meeting my wife the day after St Patrick's Day I have two excuses to raise a ...

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Blood orange curd pie with a crispy meringue topping

Blood Orange Meringue Pie

No matter how much recipe resource is available online, I always seem to turn to my cook books for inspiration. I haven't counted them all yet but I'd say that I probably own close to a hundred. ...

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A tasty veggie burger full of broccoli, brown rice and mushrooms

Broccoli Veggie Burger with Brown Rice and Mushrooms

I wouldn't say I was a total "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. There's just too many awesome foods available to choose from. I do love a good steak though and as summer gets closer I'll be cooking more outdoors. Between the grill and smoker, my meat intake will definitely be on the up! ...

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Pasta noodles with chicken and dressed in a tamari and brown rice vinegar dressing

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

I felt a little weird making this recipe and using so many non traditional Italian flavors for a pasta salad. But pasta is such an awesome vehicle for any flavor. Plain pasta needs something, so it seems like it'd be okay to dress it up a bit and cross some culinary cultures. ...

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