Arugula and Shrimp Pesto Flatbread

Fresh arugula with shrimp pesto

Let's define simple. Uncomplicated - effortless - snap - cinch. I could go on and on, but I'm trying to prove to you just how easy and tasty this shrimp pesto flatbread appetizer is. It's sweet and savory and all sorts of addictive! ...

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Roasted rainbow carrots with thyme and served with a poached egg

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

It's hard to turn plain old carrots into roasted dreamy carrots. But it helps when they're really cool colors, and I admit to being sucked in by the visual appeal of these rainbow carrots. They got me - hook, line and sinker, fluffy green tops and all. ...

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Traditional scotch eggs in sausage meat

Simple Scotch Eggs

How is everyone's summer cooking going? I've been on a grilling and charcuterie quest because really, who wants to crank up the heat inside? I've also been cooking pizza on my gas grill with more-than-okay results. I can develop a much higher heat than my regular oven and still develop that burnt ...

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Beat the heat with this easy cold brewed coffee

Cold Brew Coffee with Mocha Condensed Milk

"Hipster" is a word I hear being thrown around a lot recently, and it seems like they (the hipster) are coppingĀ a bad rap. I'm not fully clued in as to the full definition of being a hipster, but I understand it's someone who has a deep appreciation for stuff including food and drink, which sounds ...

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Rhubarb ice cream with chunks of sour cream donut

Rhubarb and Glazed Doughnut Ice Cream

Chewy nuggets of sour cream glazed doughnuts and shards of roasted rhubarb with fresh thyme. That's what your taste buds will experience with this ice cream high jinks. I make no apologies for the drool on your shirt. ...

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Fresh tasty ahi tuna salad with a citrus sesame oil dressing.

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

I'll always remember a certain customer from my time working at Whole Foods Market. He would come in everyday for his lunchtime salad and fill one of the dressing cups with extra-virgin olive oil. I thought maybe he didn't notice the rainbow of other dressings until he told me the olive oil was for ...

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Easy light blueberry buttermilk biscuits

Blueberry Rosemary Buttermilk Biscuits

Whenever I visit a barbecue restaurant, I'm always happy when I see buttermilk biscuits served on the side. Then the smile leaves me...because I'm shoving said biscuits into my expanding hamster cheeks. It's the best idea ever and just one more reason why I'm in love with Southern food. I need a ...

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