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Hi, and thanks for dropping by Foodness Gracious. I’m a stay-at-home dad performing kitchen magic every day with a little help from my two young chefs. I hope you find some inspiration and become the culinary ninja you deserve to be, have fun searching through my recipes!

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Sweet Potato Mash with Fresh Herbs

Pureed Sweet Potatoes with Fresh herbs

This post is all about the Sweet Potato Mash. Nothing to do with the butter, cream and maple syrup that gets mixed in with them…I promise (cough).

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Croque Monsieur Grilled Cheese

Croque Monsieur Cheese Sandwich

This post was sponsored via the N0shOn.It Publisher Partner Program by Belgioioso Cheese and, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

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Moist Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

There’s a million pumpkin brownie recipes available, so why should you make these? Because they’re moist, slightly underdone and ultra-chocolatey. Fall is coming people and I like it!

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Puff Pastry Squash Tart

Cheesy Squash Puff Pastry Tart

I have two solid reasons why you should periodically go through your freezer and clean house. I did just that and found a sheet of puff pastry and a homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwich leftover from a party!

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