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Jalapeno Poppers with Mac and Cheese Cheetos

Stuffed cheesy jalapenos with a Cheetos topping

Warning- these mac and cheese jalapeno poppers are epic. I ate two while I was shooting them and had to go back to the kitchen and stuff some more! Cheesy macaroni covered in crunchy Cheetos and more melted cheese, swoon!

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Krispy Kreme Chocolate Brownies

Gooey and moist chocolate brownies topped with chocolate Krispy Kreme donuts

I don’t make too many recipes that include sweets stuffed inside other sweets. I probably should because they seem to do really well on Pinterest and they always look so damn good. I couldn’t pass this one up as weird as it sounds and looks, a dozen Krispy Kreme mini donuts baked on top of some amazing chocolate brownies. This was fun to make and a true experiment.

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Burrata and Olive Pasta Salad

Rich and creamy burrata pasta

I love cold pasta as much as I love hot pasta, but I couldn’t eat hot pasta which has been left to turn cold. Does that sound weird? 

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Back to School Lunch Box Ideas and A Giveaway

Yummy school lunch ideas

Wow, I know it’s cliche but where did summer go to? My daughter has one full week left before skipping of to fourth grade with her new clothes, books and of course her back to school lunch, so it’s time to Rock The Lunchbox and make lunch time fun time!

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