Cheesy Crab Dip with Bacon

This is the best crab dip full of meaty crab., bacon and topped with melted Gruyere cheese

I can't even begin to imagine how much chips and dips will be eaten this weekend when everyone's watching Super Bowl 2015. I have no interest in football, but tons of interest in food. That's why my party would have some of the most awesome dips for munching on, including this Cheesy Crab Dip with Bacon. It's all about the food people. ...

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Chewy garlic naan bread.

Homemade Garlic Naan Bread

If there was ever a universal food enjoyed by people all over the world, it would have to be bread. I was hard pressed to find a country that isn't know for some kind of baked dough, sweet or savory. Flour, yeast, water and salt is where some of the best meals start. ...

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Oven baked salmon with herbs, white wine and baby potatoes

Easy Oven Baked Salmon

I'm quite lucky that my kids will eat pretty much anything I make for them but seafood would probably be at the top of their list. They love getting their hands dirty especially if it's anything that takes some finger work to get the meat, like clams, crab legs or shrimp. They're kinda like little ...

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Shrimp and crab filled enchiladas

Shrimp and Crab Pesto Enchiladas

We all know how awesome one-dish meals can be, less dishes to clean and family style serving make them one of my favorites. Enchiladas can be the perfect example of this, but don't assume they always have to be red and spicy. No siree bob, not when pesto is available! ...

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Tasty coffee cake with white chocolate and thick raspberry preserves

Raspberry White Chocolate Coffee Cake

I think if I was stranded on a desert island, coffee cake would be one of the things that would be stuck in my mind. Making it is becoming a serious habit and because there's so many great coffee cakes around already, searching for awesome flavors is giving me a headache! ...

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Juicy grilled chicken, green leaves and turkey bacon wrapped in a tortilla

Healthy Grilled Chicken Wrap

New Year resolutions, where do you stand with them? I have a couple on my mind and I'm determined to stick to them, more exercise and simpler eating. I know, a little boring but if I start to add more and more, then my whole plan will likely fall apart and I'll end up with a cookie in one hand and a ...

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