Rice and beans are two easy ingredients to have on hand to make these ten best rice and bean recipes! Dinner or lunch, they can easily feed a family and are heavy on the protein!

Rice and beans might not seem like an exciting thing to eat although red beans and rice is one of my favorite southern dishes. Spanish rice is another so it really just depends on what you add to the rice and beans to kick them up a few notches. They’re also two ingredients that you can have as pantry staples, they last for a long time and are perfect fillers for other meals. My southwestern style tacos below are a great example, they would be amazing just with the meat, cheese and corn but by adding beans they become way more filling and packed with extra protein!

Check out my list of favorite rice and bean recipes, you can access the full recipe by clicking on the image!

Stuffed Poblano Chili Peppers

fork with rice and beans on it

Chicken Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya

pot of jambalaya rice and beans

Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad

tuscan bean Salad in a bowl

Mediterranean Baked Chicken and Rice

baked chicken with rice and herbs

Chicken Andouille Pressure Cooker Soup

chicken andouille soup with ladle

One Pot Beef Chili

large scoop of beef chili

Al Pastor Three Bean Quesadilla

bean quesadilla in a skillet

Kidney Bean Soup

kidney bean soup with tortilla strips and guacamole

Plant Based Teriyaki Bowl

plant based rice bowl

Southwestern Style Tacos

rice and bean tacos on a plate with salsa verde