If you don’t like sweet and easy, I fear for our relationship. Just kidding, I can be besties with anyone but sweet and easy describes this summer dessert perfectly! You can find the full recipe over at Better Homes and Gardens, Delish Dish blog where you’ll see a whole menu full of fresh farmers market recipes from myself and some other fantastic bloggers. 

Strawberries are showing up in crazy amounts now and as much as my kids and I love to just inhale them straight from the package, there’s so many great dessert recipes that they can be used in. Pair them up with bright yellow lemons and you have your perfect picnic or pot luck dessert! I put my special touch to an already awesome strawberry lemon bar recipe and gave it some love with a meringue topping.

Check out your local farmers markets and pick up some great ingredients!

Delicious and fresh lemon bars with a strawberry jelly layer and soft meringue topping