I pride myself when it comes to grocery shopping and might say I’m even on the verge of being nerdy about it. Being a stay-at-home dad and having worked in retail for many years makes shopping a serious business for me.

Recipe creation with ALDI experience

I like to spend my time, and cash in a place that is well stocked, clean and has a great choice of healthy eats but still with affordable prices. You might be thinking there’s no such place but after visiting my first ALDI store recently, I was really surprised. The store was easy to get around and was fully stocked with all sorts of awesome things to eat for the kids and I. The wine prices alone are in a world of their own!

Recipe creation with ALDI experience

ALDI has been in Europe for some time and in the US for 40 years. ALDI has expanded to more than 1,500 stores across the US and are now in the west in Southern California with super low prices and lot’s of new quality products. I even saw beach toys at the ALDI store I visited which makes sense because of the location, but I’m positive you could find every ingredient for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a whole choice of healthy snacks for the kids.

Recipe creation with ALDI experience

My kids are major snackers. They even have their own drawer in the fridge which I need to fill every other day. So I was really pleased to see plenty of fruit and dairy snacks to choose from.

Recipe creation with ALDI experience

Reasons you should give ALDI try-

ALDI is made up of 90% exclusive brands of their own that can match up to any national name brand in quality but cost up to 50%* less!

Organic choice is also huge and covers produce, beef and poultry among other items.

ALDI is also committed to introducing healthier checkout lanes to stores. That means no candy lane for my kids, less headache for me and more trail mixes, granola bars, nuts and dried fruits to eat in the car on the way home!

As part of my partnership with ALDI I was sent a box of ingredients to create simple but amazing recipes. There was so much to choose from in the box and the Choceur Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts may have been the first thing I tried, naturally.

I can’t wait to get cooking with some of these new products and ingredients!

Recipe creation with ALDI experience

Want more ALDI info? Visit them at aldi.us, blog.aldi.us or find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national competitors.

This post is sponsored by ALDI.