There are two rules I like to preach when making bread pudding. #1 – Always use a sweet bread like Hawaiian or challah bread (cinnamon swirl bread works great too). #2 – If you see that your recipe asks for milk, use half of it and replace the other half with heavy cream.

Rich moist bread pudding

If you follow these two simple rules, I can almost guarantee your bread pudding will knock your socks off! I may have upset a few bread pudding recipe purists, but how can you assume that adding these two ultra-tasty ingredients won’t boost your pudding? This is where I would raise my gavel and pronounce this bread pudding guilty…of being awesome, really.

I managed to get the last few peaches left hanging from my tree and added them to this pudding. There’s something really cool about pulling produce from your own backyard and using it in recipes. No driving to the store, no waiting in lines, and the best part is it’s free! I also have a nectaplum tree – weird name, I know, but it’s a hybrid nectarine/plum tree, and for the past two years it’s started to produce branch-bending amounts of fruit just like its peachy brother tree.  Last weekend I was pulling some fruit from the branches to make a cobbler, and as I reached for a good-sized nectaplum, I noticed at the last minute a giant june bug. As I drew yanked my hand away, it flew right at me and bounced off my forehead! I’m not a big bug fan, so this did not go down well. 

I urge you, nay beg you to make this bread pudding, even if it’s 100 degrees and the middle of summer (like, er, now). The perfect way to counteract the heat is by placing a giant dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. If you can’t find peaches, just substitute with any other stone fruit…just watch out for the mad June bugs! 

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Moist peach and cinnamon bread pudding

The perfect easy dessert, peach bread pudding


Disclaimer- This was a sponsored recipe post by Imperial Sugar. All opinions and text are always my own.