This is how I signed out this week. I decided enough cooking had been done for the week so I packed up the family and I let someone else do the cooking.

My Week Recap

I say the family, but my daughter is somewhere in a forest camping for two nights. It feels really weird not having her around and I know she’s having a ball, but is this what college departure is like? OMG I will not be ready when that comes along.

With her being away, my son seems to reap some benefits, frozen yogurt being one of them. I’m definitely more of an ice cream guy but have you seen some of the awesome yogurt flavors out there? Here’s to more dad and son yogurt dates, though I’ll try and turn him onto more ice cream.

The world seems to be going through some changes right now, or maybe you just notice things as you get older. Masses of people fleeing from country to country, California is drier than a prune and the Donald is still pushing on.

A scientist from England has announced that we shouldn’t be working before 10 in the morning. Paul Kelley may be my new hero but seriously, I could have told him this for way less than his research probably cost. Next time Paul, call me.

Drinks I’m loving. Any beer from Allagash Brewing Company. I’m planning on making my way through the long list if my big boy pants can handle it. Best wheat beer ever!

Staying with the booze, I recently joined a wine club and my collection has never looked so good. My favorite so far, am Alma Andina Malbec Reserve. Spicy, deep and bold it screams to be paired with this super collosal steak and roasted garlic chimmichuri sauce.

Fall is coming! That means my brain and taste buds will switch from salads and cheesy apps to things like ths beef and bean chili or a butter basted rib eye. Bring on the dutch oven and huge chunks of meat!

We’ll need a dessert to finish obvs! Top of my list is this Apple Berry buckle Cake. A dollop of vanilla bean ice cream (not yogurt) and we are so set! 

See you next week.