School’s been in for a few weeks now and with that comes homework. I know lots of parents who dread opening their kids folders after they come home. The homework load seems to have grown over the years and I’m definitely more of a creative right side of the brain guy, so when I see equations I either facepalm or wait until mom gets home. Give me a design project any day!


This page from Family Education answers every homework question a parent might have and then some. I realize teaching methods have changed since I went to school so don’t feel bad if you have to turn to the internet for some help. 

My kids come home hungry, like insane hungry. So hungry I even caught my boy eating the green leaves from the strawberries, great from a less-waste standpoint but scary from a poisonous point of view…yikes

Maybe I’ll look through this list of best snacks for kids next week and make a move with some of these super-easy recipes.

This is most definitely not my best snack option! Moving on!

Family style dinners I need to make soon.

Beef Enchiladas, Cheesy Sausage Pasta Bake and this crazy good looking One Pan Spinach and Cheese Gnocchi.

The week was also spent finalizing the kids Halloween costumes. They’ll be knocking on doors begging for candy dressed as a Stormtrooper and Batgirl. Emmett will be Batdog. My wife and I will be following close behind with our classy emoji masks, for real.

Having a Halloween party? You need these crazy eats on the table.

Disgusting Fingers

Avocado Wasabi Devilled Eggs

Creepy Hand Meatloaf…whaaaat??

No Halloween is complete without the some brains


Have a great week friends,