Are you a person who is always late, running late or way too early for appointments? I’m definitely the latter. 

My Week In 10 Links

So I ended up here at my favorite coffee shop killing time and watching all sorts of people walk past. I could have sat there all day but had to go and pick up my race bib for tomorrow’s bike ride. I’ll be riding 20 miles in the Long Beach Marathon, pray for me and my calves.

California is seeing some seriously hot weather right now, but the cooking has to keep going even though sipping Chardonnay sounds like a much better idea to me.

Have you ever heard of the ten commandments? I’m talking about the rules for taking kids to eat at restaurants, nice ones with fabric napkins and cups with no lids. Bon Appetit came up with a list and after reading the comment section, it’s obviously a touchy subject for some. 

Sometimes after school activities can really affect the way your day goes, especially around dinner time. Instead of trying to make something and pulling my hair out at the same time, I like to pack a picnic and stop at the park. This buys us some time, creates less mess and the only distractions are the birds and squirrels. These chicken and apple wraps are easy to make and perfect for a quick dinner!

Another great thing to throw in a lunch box are these single-serve hummus and guacamole packs made by Sabra. Add some veggies and it’s a total parent win-win.

The jury’s still out on a suitable age for kids to drink coffee. I only ask because, as a self-proclaimed addict, my daughter has been asking me a lot of questions about it. 

Good eats I’ve seen this week. It’s all about the quick breads.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, the classics are the best.

Gluten Free Banana Bread with Salted Caramel, Joy The Baker bakes even more deliciousness.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, It’s okay to eat 12 of these, right?


Have a great week everyone,