Welcome to My Week. Every Friday I’ll be posting a recap of things I did, places I went to and any interesting stuff I see. I’ll try to keep the kid pictures to a reasonable amount but I have to say being a stay-at-home dad, I’m with those little people a lot and they do a lot of funny stuff! They’re like free content.

Nothing screams summer like a lemonade stand! Total cash haul for an hour in the sun..$14. Not too shabby! I was surprised (though I shouldn’t be) at the generosity of some people who chose to give cash and skip the lemonade. I wanted the kids to get out of the house and enjoy learning about money and customer service but most of all patience. The first 15 minutes were rough but once they saw some green, things suddenly became more exciting. Next time you see a stand, stop and buy something. You may just make that kids day.

kids selling lemonade

It was time to pick the peaches from our fruit tree. This tree consistently provides enough peaches to feed a small Everest expedition every year.

Fresh peaches on my tree

Obviously the first thing on my peach agenda would be pie. You can get the recipe for my Peach and Cardamom Pie here, and watch out in the weeks ahead for more peachy deliciousness.

Cream cheese and butter flaky pie crust

I love the the long summer nights especially when there’s no school and bedtime doesn’t become such a strict ritual. I’m slowly working up to that, school will be over next week so we decided to pack up a picnic and go  play some tennis at our local park. This tennis net from IKEA is the best and the kids really seem to love it! Miranda has a tennis class this summer so this is definitely giving her an appetite for the game.

Picnic in the park

The temperature here in Southern California is steadily increasing. We have a giant above ground pool that we take down at the end of every summer. This picture may be my signal that it’s time to fill it up…ya think? If I had to hashtag this it’d be #cheapassdad.

Easy Water Games

I heard this really interesting report on NPR explaining how the number of stay-at-home dads has doubled since 1989. Go fellas!

Raise your hand if you like the breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks! I do but seriously they’re more of  a rare occasion because of the price. So I’m always looking for another decent option. I’ve never found any until I saw these from Evol Foods. I found them at Target of all places and they were on sale for $1.50. Total score and they taste amazing!

I could eat sandwiches every day, no lie. Check out this list of sammies from all over the world. It’s so hard to choose a favorite.

This Quinoa Summer Salad with Feta has reached over 11,ooo pins on the mighty Pinterest. It’s sooo good!

Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad

Have a great weekend!