One day we got out of bed and said hello to our new third grade teacher. Today we got out of bed and said goodbye to third grade. Seriously Mr Time, slow the heck down! Sometimes my kids can be a royal pain in the rear, but deep down they’re loving and loyal and just really great little friends. I love them to bits. Is it mean to want the to stay this age forever?

A moment in time

Yesterday was Miranda’s last day of school. I waited outside the class expecting to see kids run out the door screaming in anticipation of having no homework for months. Instead I saw them file out slowly one by one with tears on their cheeks. They hadn’t gotten in trouble or been told to do any summer projects, they were sad to be leaving their teacher, Mrs Cocchi. This to me speaks volumes about the power and influence a great teacher can have on a child’s life. Everyday throughout the semester I would wait outside that classroom and watch as some of her past students would line up to give this teacher a hug as soon as she opened her door. It was a sad day but I’m very grateful that Miranda has had fantastic teachers since starting Kindergarten.

 Space shuttle Endeavour

I helped chaperon a field trip to The California Science Center where we got up close to the recently decommissioned space shuttle Endeavour. The kids were in awe of this clunky and beat up looking piece of history. It’s really great to get so close knowing what it’s been through.

I can see chocolate being a big part of our summer. Quinn looks like he’s just perplexed by the choice of chocolate caramel apples he can see, while his sister frantically points out her choice!

Chocolate Smore's

We found a lost dog and I watched as Miranda became smitten with it. We made some fliers and posted them around the neighborhood hoping that someone would be out looking for this extremely well behaved and lovable dog. He was in Miranda’s arms most of the time and I loved seeing a side of her I hadn’t seen since Quinn was born. She was totally hoping to keep that dog and when we eventually found the owner, she was so sad! Guess what’s on this years Christmas list. 

PicMonkey Collage

I was asked to guest post on The Little Green Pouch for Father’s Day. I made some peach jam with the help of the kids and plopped it on top of a chunk of Camembert. My ideal appetizer, sweet and savory! Check out the guest post for the recipe!

This jam is packed with juicy chunks of fresh peaches

Some other Father’s Day eats I’d love to chew on-

Grilled steak

Grilled Skirt Steak

Nutella Filled Malasadas (Hawaiian Doughnuts) | www.kitchenconfi

Nutella Filled Mini Donuts from Kitchen Confidante

French bread pizza

French Bread Pizza from Brown Sugar

Have a great weekend everyone!