I wasn’t sure if the title of this post should have been “Irish soda bread bread pudding” because that’s exactly what it is, but who cares you just have to make it! Ideally I would liked to have posted this recipe before St Patrick’s day, that way you could have bought or made extra. We all know the shelf life of soda bread starts ticking as soon as it comes out of the oven and as I looked at mine today I knew I’d never finish it before the dryness set in.

I decided to bite the bullet and turn it into bread pudding. All I can say is, it was pretty damn tasty. So good in fact I’d go ahead and make another soda bread just for bread pudding in the future.

Rich and creamy bread pudding

Creamy and sweet, it ends up sitting in it’s own custard bath just goading me to eat it….all, but that’s where families come in handy. Sharing is caring as I was told at dinner…

I used this recipe for the liquid part of the pudding but halved it, which was enough to happily fill an 11×7 baking dish. Just switch the breads and use your rapidly declining soda bread.