When it’s hot outside, ice cream is probably the most go-to thing to cool down. All the better when it’s creamy Tillamook ice cream!

I’m lucky to work with so many great brands at Foodness Gracious and sometimes it becomes personal, meaning I really respect the brand mission and the message they’re trying to get across to the consumer. Tillamook is one of those brands and as much as I do love their famous cheese, the ice cream is really where it’s at right now! If you’ve never had it let me tell you a few facts about it.

It’s made with less air and more cream, so the texture is definitely one to savor with each lick. Tillamook doesn’t use any ingredients that don’t belong in ice cream. It’s not fancy and what you see on the label is pretty much what you get inside!

And with over 30 different flavors, I can guarantee you’ll have at least three favorites! There’s no better way to sample a few of those flavors with family and friends than by hosting an ice cream social. That’s what I was lucky enough to do recently and I think everyone who attended went home with happy tummies and fun memories.

Check out these easy tips for hosting the best ice cream social this summer!

Like any good party, prepping ahead is key. Have your decorations ready to go the day before and get up early to set them up. Whether you hold your party at home in your backyard, a local park or even at school, you’ll want too make things flow easily and not just because we’re working with ice cream which does melt, you also want to take a step back and enjoy the party too, right? 

Ice cream needs to be kept cold and chances are you’re having a party on a hot summer’s day. Find a large cooler or a deep bucket and fill it with crushed ice. 

I find that the bigger cubes of ice make it harder for the tubs of ice cream to sit really deep down in and stay cold. If your cooler has a lid, keep it closed until the first guests arrive.

A really good ice cream scoop will make life easier and food -grade style rubber gloves will also come in handy. Things can get messy.

Replace the ice cream tub lids after each scoop, that way the kids and grown ups can see what flavors are available and you won’t have to read them out multiple times. 

A small table beside you is helpful. I stocked mine with tubs, cones and some simple toppings like fresh blueberries and strawberries, granola and natural gummy bears.

Plenty of shade and some places to sit will keep everyone happy as they sit and enjoy their ice cream.

Make sure to visit tillamook.com to see where you can pick up a few of those flavors like Rocky Road and Marion Berry Pie (my favorite).