Anyone who reads my blog frequently would know how much I love coffee, so when I was given the chance to review some beans for Green Mountain Coffee I became so happy I immediately made myself another celebratory cup….any excuse, right?

Green Mountain Coffee Company has been around since 1981, rising up from a small cafe in Vermont. The company has grown dramatically and is now one of the main leaders in the coffee industry. Through this phenomenal growth they still remain true to their values and loyalty to the customer. They are responsible for the Keurig one cup brew system and also leading the way in purchasing Fair Trade certified coffee. This is vitally important for the farmers harvesting the coffee beans. Being Fair Trade certified ensures that they get a fair price for their coffee no matter what happens in the marketplace. This in turn makes it easier for the farmer to take care of his crops and his family resulting in a win-win for farmers and coffee distributors. These small local coffee growers are a key piece in the success of Green Mountain Coffee, providing some of the best coffee beans in the world. Green Mountain also have there eye on the environment and give at least 5% of their pre-tax profits to help with social and environmental projects!

The three varieties of coffee I tried were,

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Our Blend – From the Signature category these beans are mild and smooth. I did enjoy this variety but I like my coffee strong and found myself adding an extra scoop to my French press to compensate for the more mellow flavor. A great choice for customers who may be looking for a less acidic coffee and an easier taste on the palate. $9.49/ bag or $16.49/ 24ct K-cup

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Sumatran ReserveAn organic coffee which is very smooth but still comes back at you with a heavy bodied kick. I’ve always been a fan of Sumatran coffee due to it’s deep intense flavor but without the bitterness of some other French roasts. After continuously drinking this every day I was super happy. Strong and lively with a smooth fruity aftertaste this was my favorite, until…. $9.49/ bag or $16.49/ 24ct K-cup

Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic Espresso Blend – This was the last variety I had to try and I must admit to being really excited to see this bag when I opened the box. As I mentioned, I prefer my coffee on the stronger side and will regularly add an espresso shot (or two) to a regular drip. For me the word espresso equates to a deeper, stronger taste of coffee. When I finally dug my way into this Dark magic Espresso It blew the Sumatran away. No offence to the beans of Indonesia, which I will state are awesome, but this variety was my favorite of the three. The flavor was strong and bold with a great toasty, crispness to it. I also loved the fact that it’s quality didn’t change as my coffee cooled. $9.49/ bag or $16.49/ 24ct K-cup

You can check out Green Mountains other coffee varieties here at

Three great coffee blends which are just a small choice in the Green Mountain Coffee family! To help you choose your favorite, Green Mountain Coffee has graciously offered to give one lucky winner these fantastic prizes…
1 each of the coffee blends above
2 Bodum Insulated Coffee Mugs
1 Red Chambord French Press
All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite type of coffee bean.
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DisclaimerI received free product for review purposes only. My thoughts and opinions are my own.