I’m sharing my five favorite holiday wines with you, these wines are all under $15 and are pair perfectly with everything from turkey to prime rib to green bean casserole!

5 awesome wine choices

There’s nothing I love more than getting together with friends and family over the holidays for some good food and drinks. Right now I’m menu planning and testing out some epic new recipes that I think everyone will love. But that still leaves the drinks. Guests and holiday cocktails can get complicated, so I like to simplify with a few really good wine choices. I’ve found 5 inexpensive wines, all under $15, that I’ll be serving this year. With a few reds and whites to choose from, these wines have impressive flavor profiles that score big with wine enthusiasts. So all I need to do is uncork, pour, and let the festivities begin. I thought I’d share my top wine picks to help you simplify this year too. 

Here are my five awesome wines to make your holiday entertaining even more amazing!

Awesome wine is a great deal

Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel 2015A dry red wine from California.

 A classic from California, this red zinfandel is bold in flavor with spicy hints of nutmeg and vanilla. Bright notes of ripe fruit balanced with oaky spice make it a holiday favorite. With a slightly sweet finish, this red Zinfandel pairs well with a festive meal.

Foods that pair well with red Zinfandel:

Meat- Turkey, beef, pork, lamb, cured meats like ham

Cheese- Aged parmesan, Manchego, cheddar

Vegetables- Tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers, olives

Cuisines- Italian, Barbecue, Mexican, Moroccan

five super awesome wine picks

Edna Valley Cabernet 2017A California red wine with a round, full-bodied finish.

Perfect for holiday gatherings, this cabernet sauvignon has the rich flavors of blackberry pie with overtones of chocolate and coffee. A hint of spicy oak gives it a warm and familiar feel that I love.  

Foods that pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon:

Meat- Beef, lamb, pork, cured meats

Fish- Salmon, tuna steaks, and swordfish

Cheese- Swiss cheese, parmesan, Manchego, gorgonzola

Vegetables- mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomatoes  

Cuisines- Italian, American, Middle Eastern, Spanish

Awesome wine picks all under $15

Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc 2017A dry, lean, crisp white wine from California.

This fresh and fruity sauvignon blanc is a great option to have on hand for the holidays. It’s a fresh, crisp white wine with notes of lemon and grapefruit. A blend of grapes from three different regions come together in this aromatic wine, creating complex flavors of lime blossom, lemongrass, and honeydew melon. This sauvignon blanc is a perfect start to a festive season.    

Foods that pair well with Sauvignon blanc:

Meat- Chicken, turkey, pork chops

Fish- Oysters, sole

Cheese- Soft mild cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheese, sour cheese

Vegetables- Lettuce, green herbs like parsley, tarragon

Cuisines- Italian, American, Mediterranean

You'll love these awesome wine picks!

The Show by Bieler, Gott & Scommes, Malbec 2017A dry red wine made with grapes from the Mendoza region of Argentina. 

With deep fruit notes of blackberry and cranberry and a long, lingering finish, this red wine is perfect for the holidays. It’s got a hint of peppery spice and a velvety texture that makes it feel celebratory. I love having it on hand for guests. As far as red wines go, it’s an affordable wine that will make your holiday table feel special. 

Foods that pair well with Malbec:

Meat- Prime rib, flank steak, turkey, lamb, and pork.

Fish- Salmon, tuna steaks, and swordfish

Cheese- Blue cheese, goat’s milk cheese, provolone, Manchego 

Vegetables- mushrooms, roasted peppers, potatoes, arugula  

Cuisines- Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Italian

Part of my awesome wine choices for the holidays

Rodney Strong Chardonnay 2016A Full-bodied white wine from California.

With notes of vanilla bean and nutmeg, this aromatic Chardonnay is perfect for holiday guests. Creamy with an oaky finish, this well-balanced wine has bright apple, citrus, and white blossom flavors as well as hints of festive pear and pineapple.  

Foods that pair well with Chardonnay:

Meat- Roast chicken, turkey

Fish- Halibut, salmon, cod, shellfish

Cheese- Soft mild cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheese

Vegetables- Peas, squash, asparagus, zucchini, white mushrooms

Cuisines- Italian, American, Mediterranean

my five awesome wine choices

five awesome wines

Let me know if you end up buying any of these wines, I’d love to hear how you liked them and what you paired them with!

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