BLT Salad with Buttermilk Dill Dressing

This BLT salad is just as good as the famous sandwich, maybe even better! Made with fresh ripe tomatoes and crispy bacon and tossed in a creamy buttermilk and dill dressing. All about this BLT salad This salad was inspired by the delicious sandwich that's so simple...

skillet Monte Cristo sandwich

This is no ordinary ham and cheese sandwich. The classic Monte Cristo Sandwich is heavy on the ham and melted Gruyère cheese, dipped in a creamy egg batter and fried in a skillet!  I’m a huge sandwich fan and that’s usually what I end up having for lunch most...

Grilled Tri Tip with Homemade BBQ Sauce

Juicy grilled tri tip finished with an easy homemade bourbon BBQ sauce. I don't know who the star of this post is, should it be the juicy grilled tri tip steak with the crusty charred outer layer, or the slightly sweet and tangy bbq sauce made with bourbon and Coke? I...

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

Rich delicious Sweet Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches cooked in a homemade barbecue sauce. Perfect for busy nights or lazy weekends! These sweet slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches are truly epic, trust me! Why does the weekend have to be so short? Why can't we have...

Cast Iron Skillet Seared Salmon

Probably the best seared salmon you will ever taste, and the easiest to cook! Make this for a fast but healthy dinner and watch everyone ask for it again and again! This must be one of the easiest recipes I've made in a long time, and that's cool because seared salmon...

Slow Cooker Shredded Orange Beef

This Slow Cooker Shredded Orange Beef is so tender it might just melt in your mouth. Cooked long and slow with orange juice, beef stock, and blackberry preserves, it's sure to please anyone in the family. I swear, every time I use my slow cooker it always ends up...

Easy Lemon Chicken Tenders

If you have a neighbor who has a lemon tree, I highly recommend you make friends with them and then make plates and plates of lemon chicken for them. Trust me, It'll pay off, let me show you how. Your fridge will end up looking just like mine, full of giant organic...

As a busy parent, it is easy to get overwhelmed and fall into the same old dinners each week.  Even worse, it’s easy to swing through fast food on the way to practice or on the way home from work.  Trust me, Stephanie and I have been there and fallen into that trap.  It’s just so easy!

 “I’m too tired!”

 “I don’t have time!”

 “I’ll spend time on it and the kids won’t like it anyway!”

 Ever said these?  Me too!  I’m here to tell you there is hope.  With very little effort, these recipes absolutely fall into the easy category.  Pick one, add the groceries to your cart and give just one of them a shot next week.  

You won’t regret it.

Easy Lemon Chicken Tenders

Quick and easy lemon chicken served with a side of roasted potatoes | Easy Lemon Chicken Tenders

Lemon chicken has been around foreveerrrrr but I always remember it as a gloopy translucent lemon sauce. Almost like a savory lemon curd. That’s so not what lemons are for everyone. This version of lemon chicken is cooked in a pan of lemon juice and simmered until the juice reduces down and the chicken sucks up all of that lemony flavor.

Slow Cooker Shredded Orange Beef

Slow cooker shredded orange beef

This Slow Cooker Shredded Orange Beef is so tender it might just melt in your mouth. Cooked long and slow with orange juice, beef stock, and blackberry preserves, it’s sure to please anyone in the family.


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This time I went with pork to create some really simple Barbecue Pork Sandwiches. If you like sloppy joe’s you’ll love these! The sauce is made from ingredients that are probably hanging out in your cupboard right now. Ketchup, vinegar and seasoning are just some of the things you’ll need to add to the pork and it’ll take around 8 hours to become melt-in-your mouth delicious bbq pork.


seared salmon in a cast iron pan

Salmon is always my go-to protein for any time of the week. My kids love it and it’s the kind of fish that will take on so many different seasonings and flavors. Some of my favorites are Cajun-style salmon and lemon pepper. Salmon cooks quickly and benefits from being slightly undercooked, so don’t be too worried about over or undercooking your salmon. It has enough essential fatty oils in it that it remains juicy and moist!


Grilled Tri Tip Homemade BBQ Sauce

You can make the tri tip and the bbq sauce together or cook the tri tip dry rub style and maybe smoke some brisket another day and slather it with this tasty homemade sauce. Skip the store-bought bottle and start customizing your own bbq sauce, it’s so easy and I swear you’ll taste the difference.



This salad was inspired by the delicious sandwich that’s so simple but tastes so good at the same time. Bacon, lettuce and tomato were made for each other and if you can use juicy ripe tomatoes from your own garden like I did, the flavor is even better!


The Monte Cristo is famous for being served with a side of raspberry jam and covered in powdered sugar for a combination of savory and sweet flavor. Any white bread will do, but use brioche if you can find some. The filling is a thin spread of Dijon mustard topped with honey smoked ham and Gruyère cheese.