I swear I could eat cheese with wine every single day. So when The Seeker Wines sent me a couple of bottles to try, I added them to my camping list. Sitting in the middle of a forest in Santa Barbara with some brie and Prosciutto was going to be the perfect backdrop for wine tasting.

Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet from Seeker Wines with an easy charcuterie plate

The Seeker Wines are a little different from other wineries. They don’t only focus on one vineyard and produce one or two wines.

They source wines from around the world each made by top winemakers, which means they have a bigger portfolio to choose from. I sampled the Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. The Cabernet from the central valley was big and bold, just how I like them and tasted perfect alongside my triple brie. This wine would be amazing served with a charred rib eye steak.

Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet and an easy charcuterie plate from Seeker Wines

The Seeker Wines Sauvignon Blanc came from New Zealand. A cool fact about this wine, the grapes came from opposite ends of the island. Grapes from the north added tastes of grapefruit and nectarine while the south sourced grapes brought heavy citrus and lime flavor. 

The fruit definitely shone through, In all honesty I think this wine could easily be enjoyed on its own. If you must eat something with it, try a semi-soft cheese like a Gouda or Havarti.

Easy charcuterie plate with wine

The winemakers are also environmentally conscious. The bottles are made from lightweight glass (for real) and recyclable materials are used for packing. 

The Seeker Wines price point is around $10-$15 per bottle which isn’t too expensive to get a taste of wines from around the world. With 9 varieties available and tastes to suit everyone, you should be able to find one you like pretty easily. You can use this handy store locator!

Easy charcuterie plate with wine

Easy charcuterie plate with wine

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