I love sandwiches and wraps, in fact, most of my lunches are usually like this. My worst nightmare though is if someone forced me to choose between the two (worst scenario ever) wraps would win all the way.

Everyones favorite taco flavors wrapped in a Flatout Sea Salt and Black Pepper wrap

For me, it’s the ease. If you pick up a sandwich, there’s always a chance that some of the filling will fall out. If a wrap is made properly, the filling is staying in there until the last bite and you can eat it with one hand! Flatout Wraps are perfect for the job.

Wraps usually always tend to be salad based so I added my other favorite snack to it, the taco. I took all of my favorite flavors and toppings from a taco and just layered them into one of Flatout’s Sea Salt and Crushed Black Pepper wrap. Each wrap has 12 grams of protein and only 10 grams net carbs and it still fits into the salad category in my opinion with numbers like that. There’re loads more wrap flavors to choose from but this flavor has been one of my favorites so far. My kids loved this Italian Herb Wrap filled with chicken and apples.

Everyones favorite taco flavors wrapped in a Flatout Sea Salt and Black Pepper wrap

Fill your wrap with chopped romaine lettuce and add spiced ground beef, cheese, guacamole, salsa and crushed tortilla chips. I love still getting that tortilla crunch when I bite into the wrap. You can easily switch things up to your own tastes. Use any kind of lettuce and add cilantro or sour cream. Don’t forget the golden rule of wrap-making though…don’t overstuff it and keep it nice and tight when you roll the wrap together.

For the full California Taco Wrap recipe, click here and make this easy lunch stat!! If you are also looking for other recipe’s in salmon bites, check this out.