Today was my daughter’s last day of school. Her time in kindergarten seems like it has flown in and the class truly deserved the party they had today to celebrate their first graduation. A pizza party in the park followed by some cupcakes made for some very happy and full tummies. I kept it simple with vanilla and chocolate flavors and for the cake I used a box mix, record stops, no wait…put the stones down, please your honor it’s a really good box mix and super fast to make!! I feel I can justify using a box mix because I  make the frosting from scratch. I use a recipe from Savory Sweet Life and it’s a solid performer, easy to make and stands up to room temperature very well which other butter creams sometimes don’t do, just make sure the butter is at room temp before beating or adding in the sugar. There is a chocolate version on the site also so go ahead and use this recipe if your having issues with butter cream right now, you wont be disappointed. I topped the cupcakes with some cookie sprinkles and some cool little graduation signs I found at the party store.

The recipe for the frosting is linked here and the cake mix came from Trader Joe’s which is a grocery store chain here in the U.S. for my few international followers.