I’m seeing loads of cherries on sale right now and a lot more delicious sweet cherry blog posts which all look awesome, but I wanted to try something else and steer clear of desserts for a little while so I thought about using some cherries in this flat bread. I used pizza dough from Whole Foods Market which I prefer over any other store brand due to the finished crust. Sadly I don’t have a pizza oven (yet) but if you try this recipe be prepared to crank up your oven to get the maximum flavor from this tasty dough.

My oven will reach 550 degrees and at this temperature starts to smoke and make the kitchen feel a little like a sauna. Coupled with an outside temperature in the low 90’s, well you get the picture but the end result was worth it in my opinion. I like my flat bread really thin with not too much topping and a nice dark crust around the edge. I have a pizza stone and recommend one for your kitchen, just make sure when you switch the oven on to put the stone in at the same time and preheat it. If the crust is thin be prepared for the bread to be ready in about 7 minutes and serve at once. I didn’t use any sauce for this recipe but splashed some olive oil on the dough before sprinkling some chopped cherries, goat cheese and prosciutto ham on top. I added some chopped fresh rosemary to balance the sweet with the savory.

I was really happy how the flat bread ended up tasting. It was light with tons of flavor from the ham and the rosemary and a little sweet bite at the end. The goat cheese promoted the texture and took this dish from gourmet to gourmay I have another piece.


1 Ball of pizza dough. My ball was 1lb 6ozs.
1 Cup of chopped cherries.
Olive oil.
Prosciutto ham.
Goat cheese.
Fresh rosemary.

I divided the dough into 3 pieces and actually made another 2 pizzas but if you don’t need that much just sandwich bag the other pieces and freeze.
Roll out the dough ultra thin, this may take some time but have patience!
Let the dough rest for 5 minutes when you get it to the desired size.
Drizzle lightly with some olive oil and place clumps of the goat cheese around the dough.
Sprinkle about a cup of roughly chopped cherries all over.
Lay some strips of the prosciutto on top and finish with some chopped rosemary.

Bake in the oven, I set mine at 550, for about 7 minutes but keep checking because at this temp things can get dark very quickly.
Give it a final splash of olive oil when it comes out of the oven, slice and enjoy!