In September I will attend my very first blog party for want of a better word. When I heard about Blog Sugar my train of thought went something like this,

Blog Sugar-blog-sweet-cake-mmmm-coffee.

As this chain of my favorite words pin-balled through my head I knew I had to learn more. I came upon the link for Blog Sugar through a friends blog, Four Flights of Fancy. I used the word party earlier but I think it’s more like a bloggers convention. People from all walks of life will converge on Southern California and talk about their blogs, why they blog and maybe I’ll learn some useful tips from the more well seasoned bloggers. It’s not only for foodies like myself but crafties, stylies and a many more talented people who choose to use the monitor as a vehicle for expression. I did feel a little intimidated  when my wife encouraged me to register as I wasn’t sure if I fitted the profile which seems to be women and lots of them! My wife has graciously agreed to be my date for that day, maybe next year I’ll go solo.

I cant wait to attend Blog Sugar and to meet some new friends. I’ll also enjoy checking out some of the tasty treats on offer. I think I’m really excited about the chance to take a close up picture of a random cupcake and not be given a strange look, can you imagine cameras clicking and bloggers lying on the floor and standing on chairs with one leg trying to get “that” shot.

Were a strange bunch us bloggers…..