25 of my all-time favorite Christmas cookie recipes. It’s time to start those mixers!

Christmas cookie recipes

It’s always right around Thanksgiving that I also switch my brain to all things Christmas. You’d think I would want to finish November first but things move so fast and stores are continually swapping out their displays for the next season.

But Christmas is special for so many reasons and cookies always play a huge part in a lot of peoples traditions. Every year we make a batch of sugar cookies and the kids will frost them. I say we but it’s mainly my wife who takes charge of this project because she doesn’t mind so much when the frosting is too runny or a few cookies are misshapen. I need to teach myself that it’s not about making the perfect cookie, but having the time together with the kids and without distractions, something that’s becoming more and more difficult every day. I hope when they’ve grown and become adults they’ll still want to make cookies with mom and dad!

So, for now, I’ve collected 25 of my favorite Christmas cookies to share with you. I’m positive there’s a favorite amongst them somewhere, maybe all of them! These white chocolate and dark chocolate peppermint cookies are probably my all time favorites. They remind me of the Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark which is so good that it’s hard to just stop at one or two pieces!

Merry Christmas everyone when it comes, let’s start baking!!


Chocolate Kiss Cookies-

These kiss cookies are too adorable to stop at just one!

Christmas cookie treats

Rice Krispies Treats S’mores-

Toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two chocolate dipped graham crackers!

Christmas cookie s'mores

Raspberry Bow Tie Cookies-

Light and flaky cookies with sweet jam for the filling!

Yummy Christmas cookie treats

Christmas Lights Cookies-

how cute are these amazing Christmas light cookies! Perfection.

Tasty Christmas cookie treats

Homemade Peppermint Patties-

Just like the classic peppermint patties we all love. Thick and chocolate filled!

Chocolate christmas cookie tin

Raspberry Linzer Cookies-

Sweet buttery pastry filled with raspberry jam!

Christmas cookie tray

Snowball Christmas Cookies-

Yummy pecan snowballs covered in powdered sugar.

Perfect Christmas cookie treats

Reindeer Poop Cookies-

The kids will love making these and letting you know exactly what they are!

Reindeer Christmas cookie poop

Cranberry Orange Pecan Cookies-

Cranberry orange cookies rolled in crushed pecans.

Perfect Christmas cookie treats

Gingerbread Man Cookies- 

Soft and chewy gingerbread men make Christmas complete.

Gingerbread Christmas cookie recipe

Double Chocolate Christmas Sugar Cookies-

Yummy sugar cookies dipped in white and dark chocolate with crushed peppermint candy.

Epic Christmas cookie treats

Sugar Cookie Truffles-

Soft and sweet sugar cookie truffles.

Sugar Christmas cookie truffles

Candy Cane Kisses-

Another kisses cookie, perfect for Christmas morning.

Candy Cane Christmas cookie recipes

Cake Batter Cookies-

Funfetti cake batter cookies are perfect for a Christmas cookie project.

Christmas cookie

Christmas Shortbread-

My favorite soft buttery shortbread cookies!

A tray full of Christmas cookie treats

Christmas Swirl Cookies-

Christmas swirl sugar cookies rolled in sugar Christmas sprinkles!

Swirled Christmas cookie desserts

Ornament Cookies-

Perfect looking sugar cookies with ornament decorations.

Cute christmas cookie ornaments

Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies-

Spicy ginger cookies dipped in white chocolate!

Ginger and white chocolate christmas cookie

Christmas Shortbread Cookies-

These sugar cookies are perfect looking and so easy to make!

Gingerdoodle Cookies-

Gingerdoodle cookies are a mix between ginger cookies and snickerdoodles, two of my favorite cookies.

Chocolate Caramel Wands-

These chocolate caramel wands are perfect to use as gifts.

Oreo White Chocolate Cookies- 

Soft and sweet Oreo white chocolate pudding cookies with peppermint.

Holiday Sugar Cookies-

I love these soft lofthouse style sugar cookies with holiday sprinkles, so easy!

Eggnog Cookies-

Who loves eggnog? Especially in a cookie.

Peppermint Cookies-

You can never have too much peppermint frosting like these heavily frosted peppermint cookies.

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie that didn’t make it on to my list? Let me know so I can try them out.

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