Take your pick of these 15 amazing best cocktails for New Year’s Eve, or just make them all and be done, like…completely done!

best cocktails


I can’t believe we’ll be ushering in another year in a few weeks, where has the time gone? I’m so ready for 2019 with some fun projects and changes in the works. But let’s talk about your New Year’s Eve plans? Do you have any, or do you lie low and just slowly let the clock hit midnight? There’s no shame in that at all, I remember partying hard when I was younger but now I’m quite content to pour myself a fancy drink and hang out with some friends and family.

And what about the drinks! do you have a favorite cocktail you always go to or are you always up for some new tastes? These are my 15 favorite best cocktails that I think would work well on New Year’s Eve, actually really any time of the year so maybe you’ll find a favorite and you can make it all the way through the year! I think there’s a drink here for everyone but if you have some favorite best cocktails let me know with a comment so I can give t a try!

Have fun and stay safe!

My Diary Of Us- Boozy Green Elixir

With cucumber, mint, and lemongrass, what’s not to like about this drink?

best cocktails

Foodness Gracious- Moscow Mule with Basil and Raspberries

Traditional Moscow mule muddled with basil and fresh raspberries.

best cocktails

Mantitlement- S’mores Martini

I need one of these on my next camping adventure!!

Chic and Sugar- Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

This is sophisticated and tasty! Perfect for a fancy Sunday dinner!

best cocktails

The Chunky Chef- Pear Pomegranate Bellini

Pear bellinis should be an everyday occurrence!

best cocktails

Foodness Gracious- Easy Peach and Rosemary Texas Tea

The fresh rosemary and peach flavor from this Texas Tea is so addicting!

best cocktails

Cookie and Kate- Maple New York Sour

Whiskey and wine in the same glass! Heck yes!!

best cocktails

The Sweet Escape- Holiday Sangria

You always need a good sangria recipe and this one is full of cranberries and holiday spices!

best cocktails

The Floating Kitchen- Grapefruit and Sage Cocktail

This looks so tasty and refreshing! Fresh sage and pink grapefruit juice.

best cocktails

Foodness GraciousBlood Orange Margarita

Fresh blood oranges and good tequila are all that’s needed here!

best cocktails

How to Feed a LoonDark, and Stormy

A touch of the Caribbean with Jamaican rum and ginger.

best cocktails

Gimme Some Oven- Cranberry Margarita

Simple, fresh and all the flavors of the holidays!

best cocktails

Crowded Kitchen- Cranberry Orange Whisky Cocktail-

Cranberries and oranges were always meant to be together and a sprig of fresh thyme to give a nice floral touch!

best cocktails

Just Putzing- Apple Pie Bourbon Cocktail

Apple pie infused bourbon is really a thing!!

best cocktails

Stir and StrainApple-Groni

A play on the Negroni, but this is a fall classic.

best cocktails

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