Krispy Kreme Chocolate Brownies

Gooey and moist chocolate brownies topped with chocolate Krispy Kreme donuts

I don’t make too many recipes that include sweets stuffed inside other sweets. I probably should because they seem to do really well on Pinterest and they always look so damn good. I couldn’t pass this one up as weird as it sounds and looks, a dozen Krispy Kreme mini donuts baked on top of some amazing chocolate brownies. This was fun to make and a true experiment.

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Olive Oil Ice Cream with Thyme and Toasted Pine Nuts

Smooth and velvety olive oil ice cream

The days of half a dozen ice cream flavors are long gone, I grew up with the three flavors, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and never complained. Fast forward to a few days ago, and I was licking up some jalapeno cream cheese ice cream with raspberry, super-rich and surprisingly unspicy. Bring on this olive oil flavor!

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Dairy Free Blueberry Coconut Popsicles

Creamy blueberry popsicles for the summer and dairy free

I’ve never really been an avid popsicle maker, but after making a few recipes recently I should have been on this train a while ago. Making popsicles is the easiest thing to make ever!

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Sweet Fig and Blueberry Galette

Juicy ripe figs

Inspiration is hard to come up with 2-3 times per week to fill this blog, but it can come when you least expect it. After an amazing trip to Northern California last week where I had a blackberry and peach pie large enough to have it’s own continent, this Sweet Fig and Blueberry Galette popped into my head. Just like that! The pie came from The Model Bakery in St Helena and tasted seriously amazing.

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Chocolate S’mores Skillet Cake

Gooey chocolate with marshmallows

I don’t know if it’s because summer’s here or what, but I’ve been seeing s’mores everywhere lately. Maybe it was this, or this or maybe these! I’m not complaining but after all that s’mores foreplay, I had to go and buy the three most accessible ingredients in the country (they really are) and turn them into this sweet, wondrous Chocolate S’mores Skillet Cake.

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