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If you have a product you would like reviewed or would like to discuss sponsorship, please contact Gerry.

There are several opportunities that Foodness Gracious offers:

Brand Spokesperson
If you have a product that would fit into the Foodness Gracious blog post family, we’d love to teach our readers all about it, through sponsored posts, giveaways or travel opportunities. Regretfully, we do not cover chain or fast food restaurants, or supermarket products except for rare occasions.

Photography & Photo Licensing
We can take food pictures using your product/tools, or license existing pictures for your promotional needs.

We are happy to offer honest, but positive feedback about products, cookbooks, tools, food-related events, and other items that fit within the Foodness Gracious brand. Feel free to contact Gerry with your product or concept.

Recipe Development
Gerry has been working within the bakery, food retail and foodservice industry since he was a wee lad straight out of high school. His focus is primarily bakery items but offers a full complement of menu items. If you need a recipe authored, cooked and shot, you’ve come to the right place.

Columnist or Guest Foodie
Gerry’s unique perspective as a Scottish stay-at-home dad who is well-entrenched in all things food, particularly bakery and confectionary products, is sought after by a variety of media outlets and publications. Tell us what angle you’re looking for.

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