Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

By now most of our kids are going back to school. After a long summer of getting up late and not being held to any schedule, the time has come to start making school lunches. If you’re anything like me, creativity only goes so far. My lunch box-making mojo was put to the test when my friend Vijay from Nosh On It asked me to be part of the Rock The Lunch Box campaign.

Honest Kids JuiceSometimes I’ll visit my daughter Miranda’s school at lunchtime and sit with her and a jabbering  posse of friends. It’s fun to watch so much energy being off-loaded after being in the classroom all morning. I’ve been making Miranda’s lunch since she started kindergarten three years ago. I don’t profess to sending her off to school every day with a lunch box full of veggies and organic products,  but I do think she gets a lunch far more nutritious than most school lunches. Usually I stick to three or four basic choices of food and then I switch up the varieties. Fruit is always one of those choices, and thankfully both of my kids love fruit, especially berries. The main item is usually a sandwich with fillings such as turkey, peanut butter with honey or a simple jelly spread on wholegrain bread. Yogurt is also a fantastic filler, and the Stoneyfield Farm organic cherry and strawberry tubes are great for throwing in a lunch box. I like to add a “treat” for when the lunch is finished and Annie’s Homegrown snacks and crackers fit the treat category perfectly.

Lunch box options for back to schoolBack to schoolMiranda’s choice of drink for school is water, but we love the Honest Kids organic fruit juice. There’s lots of reasons: no high fructose corn syrup, 100% organic, they come in in five cool flavors, and the sugars are occurring naturally from the fruit. But there’s another reason. Miranda has type 1 diabetes, and watching sugar and carbohydrate intake is important for her and us. Here’s the skinny on the not-so-skinny regular juice: it has around 28 grams of sugar, compared to an Honest Kids juice, which has just 9 grams. Being someone with diabetes is not all about sugar, though. In fact, carbs are much more important to control, as they eventually convert to sugar. On the carb count, regular juice includes 29 grams of carbs, compared to Honest Kids at 10 grams. So you can see why it’s a smart choice for us, and why Honest Kids is the juice we’ll take to the classroom for any special parties.Easy back to school lunchesRock your lunch box!

I hope you can rock your kids lunch box this semester, and Honest Tea, maker of Honest Kids juice, would love to help. They are giving one lucky reader a 30-days supply of Honest Kids. Just follow the instructions on Rafflecopter below and it could be you!

Samples of Honest Tea products and the giveaway items were provided to me by Honest Tea through the NoshOnIt Publisher Partner Program.

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    My kids are grown now so I won’t enter this giveaway but I can recall some of the lunches my children would tell me their friends had. Of course they wanted what they had, and I’m sure at times bartered with each other. The worst was the Lunchables, IMO. Oh goodness, the sodium content alone in those could kill anyone. I let my kids go with those a couple times, just to make them happy, then for fun we created our own. Hence the Bento Box, our version.

    It’s easy to pack a healthy lunch and make it fun for the kids. I always placed a special note in each of their boxes with a surprise. To this day they (now 24 & 27) tell me how that little note made their day. Funny how the small things make a difference.

    I’ll have to check out some of these items at the store. Thanks for sharing them – they’re not just for kids!

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